Alberton Accommodation Johannesburg Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Johannesburg Alberton Guest House B&B Alberton Hotel in Alberton Alberton Hotel Johannesburg B&B

Alberton Accommodation Johannesburg Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Johannesburg Alberton Guest House B&B Alberton Hotel in Alberton Alberton Hotel Johannesburg B&B

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All rooms in graded accommodation establishments in Alberton are more than 230. The establishments that advertise on this website are affiliated to the AAA and graded 3 or 4 star. Bookings with graded establishments guarantee a standard of service delivery. A Booking with graded AAA affiliated establishment means: “Quality & Value Assured

Alberton forms part of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality that covers the eastern part of Gauteng. It has a land area of some 2000 km2, the population is 2,5 million and it accounts for almost a quarter of the Gauteng Economy. Ekurhuleni has an infrastructure that rivals Europe and America and it is often referred to as “Africa’s Workshop.”

Alberton is situated close to the historic Gold Reef that made Johannesburg world famous.  It is considered the most attractive investment destination in South Africa’s economic heartland.

The excellent location of Alberton remains an asset. It is currently situated within 20 minutes drive from two of the most important 2010 soccer venues namely Soccer City and Ellis Park.

Alberton is well known as an industrial hub. It houses a large number of national and multi national companies. The SA Breweries plant situated in the Alrode Industrial Area is the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Alberton contains the finest residential suburbs in the Ekurhuleni Region. Meyersdal Eco Estate is a unique conservation project where game, scarce red data plants and other species are protected within a stone throw from lovely architectural designed dwellings. The area contains the biggest number of stone age settlements in Gauteng and  ongoing research is being done here on the impact of global warning on the environment.


The international award winning Alberton Boulevard and Ring Road system contribute that the Central Area remains an important investment destination in southern Gauteng. The Alberton City Shopping Centre complex covers more that 75 000m2 retail space.

The medical component experienced significant growth since the mid 90’s. Significant extensions to the Union Hospital and Clinton Clinic that are both situated in the Cental Area, were recently completed.

Soccer fans can expect a most enjoyable stay in Alberton. Stay in Alberton and you are within 3 hours drive of most soccer venues in South Africa.

Alberton has the infrastructure and facilities to cater for various conferences and events. The Alberton Civic Hall Complex has a capacity to accommodate up to two thousand people.  Various other facilities are available.


Compiled by the Alberton Accommodation Association (AAA), April 2010.

1. Background

The AAA resolved at a meeting held on 10 November 2009 to conduct a workshop on the 2010 SWC. The objective is to compile an Action Plan and Guidelines in order to position local establishments to provide an excellent service for visitors/guests that will stay in the Alberton Area.

The AAA is a non profit making organization that represents the organized accommodation and hospitality sector in the Alberton Area. The objective of the AAA is: To participate in local government decision-making on the hospitality industry, to promote and improve communication between establishments, to improve standards and to market members locally, nationally and overseas.

Alberton is a well developed town with an excellent location for SWC visitors. It forms part of the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality. The Ekurhuleni Region and OR Tambo International are the main entry point to SA for most SWC visitors. A positive experience of this Region is a non–negotiable. Visitor that will stay in the area should be treated like “best friends” and the metro should enable establishments to play that role.

Alberton has the advantage that it is located within 15 minutes drive from Soccer City and Coca Cola (former Ellis) Park. The other venues that are within easy (day trip) reach are: Pretoria, Rustenburg and Bloemfontein. The accommodation sector in Alberton can expect an increase in demand for accommodation during the duration of the SWC.

2. Workshop & Participation

The workshop was held at Claus Inn on 8 December 2009. Representatives of the following accommodation establishments participated: 1) Bella Chateau; 2) Borisimos; 3) Claus Inn; 4) Michelle; 5) Mustang Place; 6) Open Arms; and 7) Snell Guest lodge. The Ekurhuleni Ward Representatives for Economic Development (Ward 37 &38) also attended the workshop.

3. Basic Information on the SWC and the AAA

The SWC is the biggest event to be hosted by South Africa this far.

3.1 The extent of 2010 SWC

1) The expected number of visitors:

Media Representatives: 30 000; Overseas: 220 000; Africa: 180 000; Total: 430 000+.

2) Dates & Peak periods: Pre Phase: 25 April 2010; Peak Period: 11 June -12 July; Departure: 12 – 31 July.

3) Demand for accommodation: Expected 400 000+.

4) About 100 000 people would require transport on any match day.

5) Supporters will watch their team play every 3-5 days.  The remainder of time they are likely to visit nearby Fan Parks or embark on local tourism tours.

3.2 Accommodation in Alberton (Overview: Dec ’09)

1) Hotels: 2; Guesthouses and lodges: 23;

2) Rooms available: 320+ ;

3) Grading of Rooms in 2 above: 3 & 4 Star;

4) Peak period rates (B&B): From R850-00/person/night

5) Rates for dinner: From R80-00/person.

6) Rates for Conference & Functions: From R120-00/person.

7) Informal and other establishments: 19;

8)  Estimated Rooms: 110+. No record is available of house accommodation.

3.3 The AAA and the SWC

The AAA wants SWC visitors to enjoy excellent accommodation and a safe stay in Alberton and South Africa… It is a great opportunity for the AAA and the community to participate in this event.

The role of the Association is:

1) To assist and equip members with information to provide a good service;

2) To contribute that visitors will get “Value for Money”;

3) To co-ordinate and plan with local service providers to add value to the accommodation service.

The AAA will assist members with marketing their establishments, Alberton and the Ekurhuleni Region as a convenient and safe destination for SWC visitors. Dedicated marketing should focus on teams that will be based and play in the Gauteng Area.

4. Action Plan & Guidelines

The Action Plan & Guidelines identify issues of importance for accommodation establishments in the area. Establishments should refine and customize the guidelines to fit their specific requirements. This document and the ANNEXURES in particular will be amended and updated as new info becomes available before June 2010.

4.1 Bookings and Reservations (Contact:

Accommodation establishments in Alberton are responsible to manage their own bookings. Establishments should take care to avoid “double bookings”. The overflow of guests should be directed to the closest AAA members. Accommodation Rates should correspond with peak period rates. The involvement of Agents can inflate the rates.  The commission of Travel Agents that book SWC visitors should not exceed 15%. Due to the nature of the tournament and the guests, establishments should be prepared to provide a 24hour service for the duration of this event.

ACTION:  1) A pro forma welcoming letter and information brochure will be compiled and made available for members.

The issues identified are indicated below:



1) Rates  Peak Time Rates will apply.

Existing rates x 0,5/night (Breakfast included) Establishment level

2) Deposit Full amount is due 24 Hours after booking is confirmed.

Credit Card details should be provided Establishment level

3) Cancellation No refunds Establishment level

4) Overflow of Guests Nearest AAA member  

5) Spatial Grouping: Co-operation AAA members will jointly tackle the opportunities and problems related to the SWC Establishment level

6) Info packet: 2010 SWC Guests 1. Welcoming letter (ANNEXURE A).

2. Business Card & contact details

3. Emergency Info.

4. Basic info on Alberton and services

5. Identification of guests: Arm band with personal details.

6. Coordinates of each establishment Corne (Borisimos)

Establishment level

AAA Website

AAA Website

Establishment level

Establishment level

Alberton Accommodation Johannesburg Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Johannesburg Alberton Guest House B&B Alberton Hotel in Alberton Alberton Hotel Johannesburg B&B

4.2 Grading and marketing

Member establishments of the AAA should obtain or renew their grading before the end of April 2010. The following grading bodies are preferred: 1) The National Grading Council; and  2) AA Travel. Members should display their grading both on websites and on the premises.

The member establishments have their own marketing strategies. In addition to this, the AAA will utilize different marketing media to achieve occupation rates and objectives. These objectives apply to individual members, the Alberton Area and the Ekurhuleni Region.

The AAA support and will participate in initiatives in this regard on the local, regional and national level. Graded establishments will receive preference in AAA marketing initiatives.

ACTION: The AAA Exco will market the Association and members in various media.

The issues identified are indicated below:



1) Membership  AAA membership renewal

Fees: R850/annum

Late Registration + 20% AAA Exco

Target: Febr 2010

2) Grading  The GRADING of establishments must be completed in April 2010 Establishment level

3) AAA website  1) Design & hosting of website

2) Map the location of establishments

Web-it sa is  responsible to maintain & upgrade website

4) Marketing Direct communication with booking Agencies AAA Exco

Feb-April 2010

5) Press Interviews Develop Press protocol &

Compile Press Strategy

- Tame Times

- Alberton Record AAA Exco

Invite to press:

Febr 2010

6) Broadcasting Radio Programs

-702 Radio AAA Exco

15 Feb

7) Television SABC: TV 2: Point Blank AAA Exco

19 February

8) AAA Logo Design of logo.

To be displayed at establishments. AAA Exco

4.3 Services to Guests

Accommodation establishments are “The home away from home for visitors.” Establishments must ensure that they are prepared and able to render the service that they offer. Establishments must note and plan for the demands to operate at full capacity. It is also important that the nature and interests of SWC guests will most probably differ from the business guests that establishments in this area are familiar with.

Establishments should carefully relook the content of agreements, liability, content of notice boards and attend to the maintenance of facilities. In addition to all aspects that are attended to during the grading process, establishments must provide for back up facilities and services. Emergency plans for temporary electricity failure or water supply should be in place.

The AAA has obtained the co-operation of local services providers to assist with guest related services such as transport, security, translation and medical services.  Establishments will be linked to security networks in the area. They will all maintain the policy  “Right of Admission is Reserved”.

The Transport Plan makes provision that guests will be collected at establishments and taken to various destinations where they will be collected at a specific time. There are also scheduled day tours to Soweto, Gold Reef City and the Apartheid Museum.  Visitors can pre-arrange for a translator to assist them. Alberton has an excellent medical component that is within a few minutes drive of most accommodation establishments.

The AAA is in contact with NedCare (medical services) to ensure that information is available should any emergency occur that involve guests. The following two member establishments have qualified medical personnel available as part of the establishment: Claus Inn & Michelle Corporate Guesthouse.

ACTION:  1) The AAA Exco will invite experts to share information and their experience with members on issues relevant to the SWC at monthly meetings.

2) Agreement with Service Providers should be finalised.

3) Partnership with organized business to facilitate an entertainment program.

The issues identified are indicated below:



1) Accommodation

1) Facilities & services must reflect grading level

2) Back up facilities such as clean linen & frozen meals.

3) Back-up services: Guest related

AAA Exco

February 2010

Establishment level

2) Transport: 1) Transport Plan

-  Contact details & rates

-  Shuttle to stadions

-  Program: Day trips

- To & From OR Tambo

-  Transport: Long Distance

-  Rent a Car AAA Exco & Transport operators

February 2010.

2) Security: Establishment level

1) Electric Fencing

2) Surveillance cameras

3) Community Policing

4) Neighbourhood patrols Establishment level

3) Security: To person only

1) Security to service to person only Leon (Mustang Place): Info & guidance

4) Crime  SA Police Services

AAA Exco

Establishment level

5) Translation Services Data base of people that can assist AAA Exco

Establishment level  

6) Entertainment & Leisure:


Data base of local restaurants & pubs Establishment level

7) Medical: Hospitals

ANNEXURE: B2-4 1) Union Hospital

2) Clinton

3) Mulbarten

4) Millpark Ms Annelise v Wyk

(Marketing Manager: Mulbarten Hospital).

Details, Procedures & Contacts

8) Medical & Dental Practitioners

 Medical Practitioners that can assist guests

Name & Contact Rita (Michelle) to co-ordinate and provide list of practitioners & contact details

4.4 Services to establishments

Member establishments are responsible for operational related issues such as labour. In addition to this they should  plan and be prepared for various maintenance issues and other problems that can complicate the operation of establishments and draw on resources.

The AAA members approached local service providers with a good track record to assist the sector over the period of the SWC. The names of these establishments will also be contained on the AAA website for the convenience of members. Some providers have agreed to special rates for AAA members (ANNEXURE: C)

The delivery of basic services is a municipal function. Ekurhuleni MM should ensure that these services are available to establishments and that back up personnel and maintenance teams are should respond rapidly is needed. The AAA will promote and communicate with the Metro and Councillors of the Alberton Wards (ANNEXURE: C1).

ACTION: 1) The AAA Exco will list local service providers on the AAA website.

2) The AAA Exco should invite local business to advertise their service or get listed on the website.

ACTION:  1) The AAA Exco will communicate with Ekurhuleni MM (Alberton) Ward Councillors and officials responsible for service departments to brief them on actions and issues.

 2) AAA SWC Awareness Launch: 14 April 2010 (Detailed planning in process).

4.5 Local Business & the Community

The Alberton community at large is invited to participate and benefit from the SWC. Information on local business and events that are linked to the SWC will be contained on the AAA website.

Residents are invited to make suggestions to participate in the opportunities linked to the SWC. Local artists are welcome to utilize available exhibition space in establishments to exhibit artwork. Local entertainers and musicians are also welcome to make proposals. There are also opportunities for temporary jobs at guesthouses or related industries. Establishments should consider to train job seekers and to employ them on a temporary basis during the SWC.

ACTION:  1) The AAA Exco should obtain contact details of local talent and job seekers in the area that should be hosted on the website.

2) The AAA Exco should obtain info on all SWC events in the area and host it on the website.

The opportunities identified are indicated below:



2) Exhibition space: Local artists Data base  

3) Entertainment: Events Program Data base  

4) Labour: Temporary & contact workers Data base  

5) Labour: Training programs Data base  

5. Conclusion.

The SWC will create various opportunities to conduct business. The AAA Action Plan is a Guide to assist members and the Alberton Business Community to benefit financially from these opportunities. Equally important is that the AAA wants to promote sustained growth and the development of the hospitality industry in the Region. The AAA wants SWC visitors to return to Alberton, Gauteng and probably invest in the Region. This we can achieve. The condition is: Visitors must leave Alberton with a positive perception and experience: “Value for Money”, Friendly people and the best hospitality in the world, excellent accommodation and good food.

6. Recommendations

6.1 That the Action Plan & Guidelines should be submitted to the AAA members for approval;

6.2 That the AAA Exco communicates the Action Plan with effected parties and finalise agreements if necessary;

6.3 That the Action Plan should be submitted on the AAA

6.4 That webit-sa should target search engines to ensure that the website features on all major search engines.

6.5 That the AAA President should host a media launch to brief stakeholders and the public on the AAA & SWC project.

7. Contacts

AAA Executive Committee:

1. Dan Lezar (President)  011-9071022

2. Deon Claassen (Member) 011-9074290

3. Corné Bornman (Member) 011-8670404


Dear  Guest,

A warm welcome to ……………... We hope you will enjoy your stay with us. To prevent misunderstanding please see the rules and information below. These have been put in place through experience in the industry and will ensure that your stay with us will be satisfactory.

Your Hosts


BREAKFAST – Breakfast is served from 6h30 – 9 h00 in the dining room. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 7h30 – 10h00

DEPARTURE – Departure time is 11h00.

DINNER – Dinner is available at R125.00 for a three-course set menu. Please inform reception by no later than 12h00 the same day if dinner is required as reservation is essential.  Dinner is served from 19h00 – 21h00.

KEYS – For everyone’s safety please look after your keys. A replacement cost of R200.000 will be charged in the case of lost keys.

LAUNDRY – We do offer a laundry service, please contact reception to uplift any items. R10.50 per item, washed and ironed.  Iron only R8.50  or  R80 per laundry bag (more than 8 items less than 15 items)

ROOM HEATER - Please do not hang any clothing or other items over the mounted heater in the room. Damages will be charged for. Please make use of the laundry facilities provided.

ELECTRICITY SUPPLY – The whole of South Africa is currently under severe electricity supply pressure. For that reason as well as limited electrical supply to the property we do not allow any other personal heating appliances in the rooms other than provided. All the rooms are provided with blankets, should you require more please ask at reception. Should this notice be ignored there is an R180.00 per day electricity levy. This will be charged per day for the duration of your stay if any appliance is found.

REMOVAL OF PROPERTY – Should anything be removed from the room or our property, by accident or not, you will be held liable for the cost of replacement as determined by management.

WIRELESS CONNECTION – Wireless internet is available at R150.00 per Gig,, R80.00 for 500mb, R50.00 for 250mb

VISITORS -  Visitors are allowed in the public areas till no later than 21h00. No visitors allowed in rooms. Should you ignore this request and a single room has been booked you will be charged per person accordingly.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – No alcohol that has not been supplied by our establishment is allowed to be consumed in any public area of the property. We also reserve the right to refuse the supply of alcoholic beverages should a situation of excessive intoxication be noted or presumed.

SMOKING AREAS – Due to smoking regulations, we regret that no smoking is allowed in rooms. Should you ignore this request a R200.00 spring clean fee will be charged. Should any linen get damaged by burns there is an R800.00 replacement charge.

SWIMMING POOL – Please make sure that children is attended at all times as we accept no liability whatsoever for any pool accidents. Pool towels are available at Reception. No swimming after 22h00 as pool is in close proximity to rooms and disturbs those who sleep.

INDEMNITY – This is a private property. Anyone entering the premises does so entirely at their own risk. The owner and employees shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or accident to persons or property arising from whatsoever cause, negligence or not that may occur on any part of our property or any other common property areas.

RESULTANT DAMAGE – Should there be any damage to our property whatsoever there is an excess amount payable to our insurers to the amount of R5000.00.  Any damages that falls below this amount is still payable by the person occupying the room. Damages has to be settled before departure.

RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED - We request that noise levels be kept to a minimum after 22h00 and before 07h00. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation immediately if a situation arises that requires such drastic action.



1.1 Shuttle Service Hannes Olivier  



2.1 NRR Radio Network: Security David Burt:  0828800025

2.2 Personal security   



1) English, Greek, Italian, Arabic & French Nick Gdanus





1) Entertainment

2)  Restaurants

Boma Barn Yard Theatre

Fore Str, New Redruth


Alberton Crossing, Voortrekker Str

Mexican Feast

Good Flavor

Lemon Tree, Swartkoppies Rd

Chinese Restaurant

Harbour Fish & Grill:

Meyersdal Mall, cnr Hennie Alberts & Michele

Oh so sushi!!!

Il Forno

Mediteranean Restaurant

Dion Centre, St Austell Str, New Redruth

2010 Specials!!

Promise Grill

Meyersdal Mall, cnr Hennie Alberts & Michele

Spur: Brackenhurst 011-8691555

Vanessa 011-8695720



Tony: 083 6751640




(In process)




1) Plumbing Jay Jay Plumbing :

 Johan / Veronica / Riaan


2) Electricity Kella Electrical


: 082-971-7175

3. Electronics:

Gates, Tv’s & Cameras SME Technical:

 Mr S Elms: 0834931807

AAA Members: Discount

4) Laundry & Cleaning Deolene’s:

Randhart Shopping Mall

Hychem: 011-4661885

Hotel chemical suppliers Mr D Nelson: 08293400270


AAA Members: Discount


4. Linen & Fabrics

Linen Warehouse

Cavelli Linen & Pillows:

Latex Chip R54.00 each

Hollow fibre puff R30.00 each Peter Clark: : 011-452-9910

Theo: 083-255-9586

5) Food & Drinks Bacon: Delivered:

R42.00 / kg  excl

Eggs: Delivered:

R31.50 / 30 delivered

Groceries delivered

Cheese, Yogurt etc delivered

Italian Cheese.

Filter Coffee local – Sabie Valley Coffee

Jenna Rijo 082-483-5774

Hans: 084-292-8534

Mistro: 011-989-9500


Linda: 011-432-3072

Tim Buckland, 013-737-8169

6) Insurance Short Term

Liability cover important

Chris De Wet: 011-9071022 Establishment level



Services to establishments CONTACT PERSONS & DETAILS ACTION

1. Municipal & Related Services   

1.1 Ward Councillors

1. Clr M Ansett

2. Clr B Haipel

3. Clr W Jarvis Info meetings

1.2 Ekurhuleni Marketing & News Mr R Brand Website link: AAA & Ekurhuleni MM  

1.2 Water Mr H Groenewald  

1.3 Sewer   

1.4) Electricity Mr J Dreyer  

1.5) Fire Services   

1.6) Refuse Removal Mr J Bloem  

1.7) Other Municipal related issues   

1.8) Metro Police Mr Mofekeng  


2. Government Departments* Obtain information AAA EXCO

2.1 SA Police  Website

2.2 Home Affairs   

2.3 Embassy’s

SA Grading System for Accommodation

South Africa has an official voluntary star grading scheme for the hospitality industry. The Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) is responsible to administer the scheme.



1-Star: Fair to good quality in the overall standard of furnishings, service and guest care. Clean comfortable and functional accommodation

2-Star: Good quality in the overall standard of furnishings, service and guest care

3-Star: Very good quality in the overall standard of furnishings, service and guest care

4-Superior (excellent) comfort and quality with a high standard of furnishings, service and guest care

5-Star: Exceptional quality and luxurious accommodation. Highest standard of furnishings, flawless service and meticulous guest care.

The AA Quality Assured Programme uses three levels to benchmark establishments.



AA Recommended: Guests will find accommodation which is clean, well-maintained, appropriately managed and offering good levels of hospitality.

AA Highly Recommended: Guests will find high levels of professionalism and service with attention to detail in both décor and furnishings.

AA Superior: Guests are offered accommodation with excellent quality décor and furnishings and extreme high levels of hospitality and professionalism.

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La Palma Guest House

La Palma Guest House and Conference Venue

Guest House, Self Catering in Alberton

La Palma Guest House is situated in the up-market security estate of Alberante Extention. The guest house services various industrial areas, e.g. Alrode, Wadeville, Steeledale and City Deep. The guest house boasts 15 bedrooms, all en-suite. The conference room seats 30 delegates.

T: +27 11 869 2887

C: +27 83 289 7480



Claus Inn Guest House

Claus Inn Guest House and Conference Venue

Bed and Breakfast, Self Catering in Alberton

CLAUS-INN is a Bed & Breakfast/Self Catering facility conveniently situated east of Johannesburg in the economic core of Eastern Gauteng. This is the best location for business people visiting Eastern Gauteng. The Alberton Central Area and Alrode/Wadeville Area are only a few minutes away.

T: +27 11 907 4290

C: +27 82 222 1296



Alberton Accommodation

All rooms in graded accommodation establishments in Alberton are more than 230. The establishments that advertise on this website are affiliated to the AAA and graded 3 or 4 star. Bookings with graded establishments guarantee a standard of service delivery. A Booking with graded AAA affiliated establishment means:

Quality & Value Assured

Here you will find affiliated Alberton Accommodation in alphabetical order.

Welcome | Welkom | Isibingelelo | Siya namkela nonke | Sondzela | Tama

to the Alberton Accommodation Association.

Directory to Accommodation (Guest Houses, Lodges) & Hospitality/ Business in Alberton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Razel Guest Lodge

Razel Guest Lodge and Conference Venue

Johannesburg Guest Lodge, Accommodation in Alberton

Razel Lodge Group of Guest Houses & Bed and Breakfast’s are situated in Alberton, Gauteng just 20 minutes from Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport. Razel Guest Lodge invite you to enjoy luxury Bed and Breakfast accommodation in a secure area.

T: +27 11 907 1280

C: +27 82 850 8114